Save $10 Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon

It’s incredibly satisfying when an event goes the “extra mile” to provide sweet swag and an impressive medal for participating in their race. Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon medals are not only super cool in appearance and size (8 inches long!) they also double as a magnet and bottle opener! An additional cool thing about MB Mini Marathon is the promptness with which they post the race results online.

We are proud to have Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon advertise in the Spring issue of Pace Running Magazine. As advertised on page 17, you will receive $10 off your registration for the October 19 Half Marathon by using the code: PACEMBMINI. This offer is good until 6/30/14. But think about registering soon…..

You can “run this beach” for only $60 if you register with the PACEMBMINI code before registration goes up on May 31!

Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon website:

Myrtle Beach Mini Marathon on Facebook:


Pace Readers: Fuel – Energize – Recover!

A reminder to all Pace readers, as seen on the back cover of the Spring 2014 issue of Pace Running Magazine Pacific Health Labs is offering a special one time awesome deal when you order products from the website All you need to do is use the promo code PACE upon checkout and you will receive an incredible 50% discount!

To give an example, you may stock up on the products below and what would normally cost $205.89 will be all yours for $102.95! Plus the shipping is FREE too! ūüôā

All Natural Protein-Powered Sports Drink
60 serv reg.: $54.99 Pace Reader price: $27.49
Contains the 4:1 carb to protein ratio, which helps athletes perform better & recover faster. It is proven to extend endurance, enhance rehydration, and speed recovery. Still contains its patented ratio, but now includes both whey and soy protein which enhances the overall effectiveness of our protein-powered sports drink.
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Accel Gel¬ģ: All Natural Rapid Energy Gel

24ct: reg: $42.00 Pace Reader price: $21.00
The top performing energy gel that increases endurance & reduces muscle damage. It is the only gel on the market that contains the patented 4:1 carb to protein formula proven to provide more energy, faster. Click Here for the order page.
ENERGIZE: 2nd Surge: Ultra Energy Gel
8ct: reg.: $15.92  Pace Reader price: $7.96
The first all-natural energy gel specifically formulated to provide rapid energy, reduce fatigue, and speed reaction time. Each gel contains 100mg of caffeine so you don’t hit the wall. The proprietary formula of rapid-acting carbohydrate, proteins, caffeine and antioxidants decreases muscle damage and gives you the added energy for a stronger finish.
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ENERGIZE: Body Glove Surge¬ģ Shot
12ct: reg.: $27.99 Pace Reader price: $13.99
An all natural energy shot that provides an instant source of energy when you need it most. When taken before your workout or exercise it recharges muscle energy stores, reduces mind and muscle fatigue and speeds recovery. Contains 140mg of caffeine and is proven more effective than the leading energy shot. Click Here for the order page.

all-natural-endurox_r4-chRECOVER: Endurox R4¬ģ:
All Natural Muscle Recovery Drink

28 srv. reg: $64.99 Pace Reader price: $32.49
The only recovery drink with the 4:1 carb to protein ratio, and is proven to reduce muscle damage and increase both muscle function and endurance in a subsequent workout. Still contains its patented 4:1 ratio of carbs to protein, but now includes both whey and soy protein, which enhances the overall effectiveness of our protein-powered recovery drink.
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These products and more can be found at Remember to use the code: PACE


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